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EASA awards Avanssa with follow-on contract


The latest project follows-on from a contract awarded to Avanssa in 2007 which involved the analysis and coding of nearly 400 unrecorded accidents and incidents in the ECCAIRS database.

Avanssa's experience in aviation safety investigations as well as its expertise in coding events into the ECCAIRS database were once again instrumental to EASA's choice for the latest contract.

The new project will consist of creating a comprehensive list of safety recommendations addressed to European aerospace manufacturers and ensuring that the corresponding investigation is coded in the ECCAIRS database. This study, which will collect data for the last 6 years, will be conducted in close collaboration with the European accident investigation bodies and key aerospace manufacturers.

As an independent member of the ECCAIRS community, Avanssa is proud to be involved in this ambicious undertaking and committed to contibuting to its continued success.