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Air Safety Investigations

Our services fall into three general categories; routine operations, unexpected events and a combination of the two. The first category refers to essential day-to-day requirements affected by work overload, tight deadlines, staff shortages at peak times, etc. Unexpected events, on the other hand, takes into account, predominantly, the occurrence of incidents and accidents which, due to their unpredictability and impact, trigger the immediate need for additional manpower and resources. Avanssa, due to its commitment to objectively and independently investigate air accidents, is able to respond effectively and become a reliable partner in the most challenging situations.

Emergency Response Plans

Responding to an emergency, whether an incident or accident, requires careful planning and thorough foresight. The experience gained from investigations gives Avanssa the expertise to develop and implement effective Emergency Response Plans. Training and drills are an important element of any successful response. We can deliver comprehensive training plans and drill scenarios so that your staff are prepared to deal with any emergency.

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Prevention is key and in its quest to achieve ever-increasing levels of safety, the aviation industry is embracing the era of Safety Management Systems. Beyond the theory, Avanssa applies lessons from the past to create effective Safety Management Systems for the future. Our tailored solutions are the ideal answer to regulatory requirements and a practical method of identifying, analysing and mitigating the safety hazards which threaten your operation.

Additionally, in collaboration with its clients and partners, Avanssa is constantly seeking creative solutions which will result in further advancements in aviation safety.